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     f one were to translate the word "pagan," they would find that it means "country-dweller." Paganism could be described as any earth-based religion—from Egyptian to Indian to Celtic to Norse.

     piral Dance is a site dedicated to the ways of Celtic Paganism. This site is meant to instruct those that are new to this religion, in the hopes that we are able to guide beginners on their journey to becoming a full-fledged Pagan. Most of the information you will find on these pages sticks to the Celtic traditions of Paganism, but occasionally you may come upon something slightly different. You can blame it on the crazy webmistresses.

     nd who, precisely, are we? We are Meri and Joni. Meri is of Colorado, USA, and Joni of British Columbia, Canada. Meri has been practicing for approximately three years, while Joni is a newcomer to our kind, beginning in February of 2002. Perhaps we are not experts at all, but we pride ourselves in common sense and a search for the unknown.

    ith that, please enjoy this website! We give our sincere hopes that you find what you are looking for.

     f you wish to contact us, there are multiple ways of doing so. The fastest and easiest way is via email. Meri is thornofenvy@hotmail.com and Joni is caninalpazi@hotmail.com. Don't hestiate to email us if you have something to say!

     ll pages are listed in order of date created.

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