Colour Meanings

     There are lists upon lists of colours and their meanings out there, but hereís one that seems accurate to me and my intuition.

  • Amber: develop Witchery skills

  • Black: ward negativity, remove hexes, protection, spirit contact, night, truth, remove discord or confusion, clearing the mind, meditation

  • Blue (dark): the Goddess, Water Elemental, truth, dreams, protection, change, meditation, impulse

  • Blue (light): psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, quests, safe journey, patience, tranquility, ward depression, peace, rest

  • Blue (any shade): health

  • Brown: Earth Elemental, endurance, animal health, steadiness, houses and homes, physical objects, uncertainties

  • Gold: the God, solar energy, power, physical strength, success, achievement, mental growth, skill sought, healing energy, intuition, divination, fortune, warding

  • Grey: non-nature-type faerie magic (such as communication with the faerie realms), travel to the otherworld, vision quests, veiling, cancellation, hesitation, neutrality

  • Green: Earth Elemental, Lord and Lady of Greenwood, herb magicks, nature-type faerie magic (such as blessing a garden), luck, fertility, healing, balance, employment, prosperity, financial growth, courage, agriculture, changing direction or attitudes

  • Greenish-Yellow: to negate discord, sickness, anger, jealousy

  • Indigo: meditation, spirit communication, karma workings, learn the ancient wisdom, neutralize anotherís magick, ward slander

  • Lavender: spiritual development, psychic growth, divination, sensitivity to the Otherworld, blessings

  • Orange : the God, strength, healing, pulling/attracting things (not people) to you, adaptability, luck, vitality, encouragement, clearing the mind, dominance

  • Pink: honour, morality, friendships, emotional love

  • Purple: power, spiritual development, intuition, ambition, healing, progress, business, spiritual communication, protection, occult wisdom

  • Red: Fire Elemental, strength, power, energy, health, vigour, enthusiasm, courage, passion, sexuality

  • Silver: the Goddess, lunar magick, meditation, psychic development, success, balance, wards negativity

  • Violet: self improvement, intuition, success in searches

  • White: the Lady and Lord together, full moon magick, purity, protection, truth, meditation, peace, sincerity, justice, warding of doubts and fears

  • Yellow: Air Elemental, divination, clairvoyance, mental alertness, intellectual growth, prosperity, learning, changes, harmony, creativity, concentration


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