Dream Pillows

     A popular method of herb magick is the making of dream pillows. These little coloured bags of herbs will give a pleasant scent and will attract good energies to where they are placed. They are traditional gifts for Imbolc. Any sweet-smelling herb can be used in a dream pillow, as well as the ones listed below. For best results, herbs for dreaming should be collected during the waxing or full moon.

     Typical mixes for Imbolc dream pillows:

  • mugwort, rosemary, hops

  • lavender, mugwort, rose

     The colour of material that you use will also affect the dream pillow’s results. You could use two colours of fabric, for combined meanings. This is what was listed in the book, however each colour has a meaning, so if you want something more specific, use more specific colours. Whatever feels right to you will suit the purposes perfectly. Cotton should be used, because it is a natural plant fibre.

     Colours of Material:

  • white: meditation

  • lavender: psychic growth, divination

  • green: balance

  • pink: emotional love

  • purple: intuition, spiritual growth

  • light blue: meditation, understanding

  • yellow: clairvoyance, divination

     Combined Material Colour Meanings:

  • yellow/purple: divination & spiritual development

  • green/white: protection & peace

  • blue/white: understanding & peace

  • yellow/blue: divination & understanding

  • pink/green: emotional love & balance

     See our information on colours and herbs for more mixes!  


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