Medicinal Herbal Terms

-         Decoction: add boiling water to herb for extraction (teas).

-         Infusion: pour hot or cold water over herbs for extraction.

-         Maceration: steep in alcohol or oil (olive is best) and shake at intervals for extraction.

-         Perlocation: like coffee perlocators, only with herbs (or use special equipment).

-         Filtration: life coffee filters, only with herbs.

-         Clarification: melt and skim or filter.

-         Poultices: mix crushed herbs with water and cornmeal into a paste and place on affected area (used for boils, swellings, sores, etc.).

-         Salves: mince herbs with vegetable fat or lard and beeswax, cover and place in sun or low oven for four hours, strain through cheesecloth and let set in a clean container (do not re-melt).

-         Composition Powders: dried herbs as medicine for flu or fever.

-         Syrups: dissolve brown sugar and add to herbs until sappy, then strain through cheesecloth into a clean bottle and store.

-         Simples: steep herb in hot water for twenty minutes (do not use aluminum).


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