Owie-fix Spell
Silver Ravenwolf

    To heal bothersome cuts, bruises, scrapes, and acne. Hold hands over afflicted area. Repeat until pain leaves/healing has been achieved. I thought this spell was rather cute, and it's the only one that I can ever remember off of the top of my head.

Owie-fix, owie-fix
You’re the faerie that I pick
Bring the healing
Come right quick!

    And there you go.

    “The planet is like Cerridwyn’s cauldron, and we are part of the stew bubbling inside. Sometimes we rise to the top, pop, and return to the soup to intermingle and rise again. The forms of creation are always changing, for change is a sign of life and is not something to be feared. Science recognizes, as the ancients did, that energy is immortal, which is a view at odds with the central message of Christianity—believe in Jesus or die. But even this dogma is confused, as the Scriptures state that the not believers will actually live forever, only in a lake of fire, and/or the torments of Hell (a place curiously named after the Norwegian Goddess Hel, rule of the Norse Underworld, where everyone went after death to rest before rebirth).”

         - Green Witchcraft, Ann Moura, page 8.


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