Tree Qualities

     It should be noted that a stang is a kind of forked staff, and that besom is a witch’s broom, of the kind that you would see as Halloween decorations.

-         Alder: water magick, strength

-         Apple: love, spirit food

-         Ash: study, health, enhancing magick, besom, stang

-         Birch: purification, blessing, health, beginnings, besom

-         Elder: cleansing, offering

-         Fir/Pine: prosperity, birth & rebirth, stang

-         Hawthorn: purity, protection, wand, attract faeries

-         Hazel: wisdom, all-round wand

-         Holly: enhances magick

-         Ivy: fertility, love

-         Mountain Ash (Rowan): protection, enhances magick, stang

-         Oak: fertility, power, balance, protection, success, stang

-         Poplar: success

-         Grape Vine: happiness

-         Willow : moon magick, wishing, spirits, death passage, besom

-         Yew: psychic awareness, spirits, death passage


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